Japan’s Ministr…

Japan’s Ministry of Industry has recently estimated that about 300 tons of the contaminated groundwater has been seeping into the Pacific Ocean daily since the nuclear disaster.

so uh, it was nice knowing all of you.  


“While all age …

“While all age groups have yet to recover to their 2007 wealth, when adjusted for inflation, older households are down just 3 percent on average, while those headed by middle-age people are down about 10 percent. But the decline is nearly 40 percent for the younger group.”

Well at least the only place left is to go up.  Right?  Maybe.  God, I hope.

Actually, there…

Actually, there’s one filter, and it’s ridiculous: an NSA analyst has to have “51 percent” confidence that a subject is “foreign.” After that, it’s carte blanche.

Gizmodo has a great overview of all the ins and outs of how the government can and does snatch and grab ALL OF OUR personal online information through a little program called PRISM.  I’m sure this filter of theirs must work wonders though.  Nevermind that I can find metadata about anything through the simple tools I use on the web.  Man, I must be some kind of genius.  

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There have bee…

There have been 171 passenger disappearances in total across all cruise lines, since 2000.

Along with the poop ship that happened a few months ago I can’t imagine why the cruise line industry isn’t doing so well.


the FBI increas…

the FBI increased its stable of informants to 15,000 by 2008, a 10-fold increase over 1975.

pretty soon, the only action going on will be from informants telling on informants.  


“Our goal was t…

“Our goal was to provide a safe and secure destination to our visitors and the least amount of disruption to our residents. We accomplished that this weekend.” Miami Beach police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez

Victory was had this Memorial Day down on Miami Beach after only 414 arrests were made over the holiday weekend.  Keeping it high class in the MIA.  

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“Once you taste…

“Once you taste meat, you’re not going back to just fruits and vegetables.” Anuj Agrawal

Sometimes, it’s nice to know that we americans aren’t the only ones who can get suckered into the glorious taste of a mouth watering cheeseburger.  Oh so good!  Of course, we have never worshiped cattle in our history but hey, we all evolve.  

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