weird video games from japan

It was awful brave of me to enter japan and weird into any search for god only knows what will come back. Always makes things seem a little bit more normal on this side of the world so thanks Japan for that.


how to make out with your partner online….with video

480px-Francesco_Hayez_008You ever just want to stick your tongue into someone else’s mouth but that mouth is 3000 miles away?  Well, thanks to my favorite weirdos in the world, the Japanese, you will soon be able to at least simulate all the face sucking action you ever wanted.  Using a rotating straw type device, the user on either end sticks the straw contraption in their mouth and then the fun begins.  No word on whether anyone will ever use this but that’s probably what they said when the fleshlight came out too.

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why aren’t you watching the twlight zone: the walking distance episode


I didn’t have things like Richard Kelly and the world wide web when I was a young lad to expose me to great tv shows like The Twilight Zone.  Now that I have some perspective, it is even more spectacular to know that Twilight Zone is so significantly one of a kind.  Taking weird sci-fi ideas that would usually only be explored through cheap, silly b-level creations, the TZ brought a higher level to those ideas.

Walking Distance sees a big shot from the big city return home to the little town that he grew up in where things always remain the same.  Well, it only remains the same because it is still the same home town that he grew up in at the same exact time he grew up because Martin Sloan has slipped backwards in time.  He meets himself.  His mom slaps him.  He gains a limp.  All the while learning that youth is full of wonders and amazements, but there is only a need to live that youth once.

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The Bizarre History of Insect Head Transplants

Entomology is one of my favorite mologies.  These crazy researchers treat their insects like I did GI Joe’s mixing and matching parts.  Of course, my GI Joe’s were only alive to me.  Or were they?  Seriously though, the process of head tranplanting little critters stretches back to the ’20’s and continues to produce valuable intel into their world.

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zebra runs loose in ny, makes pony friend. video included

This went down a few months ago but why wouldn’t you still want to see this tandem running down the street wild and free.  They should have a buddy comedy movie made about them.  Zebra and Pony would beat almost anything NBC has on the lineup.  If the pony could just put on a unicorn horn…

A wild scene unfolded on New York’s Staten Island Wednesday when a zebra and a pony were spotted running along a busy roadway after they apparently escaped from a Christmas tree seller.

Part of their journey was captured on video by Zachary Osher, who was busy at work when he looked out the window of his shop and saw the animals on Victory Boulevard.

“Is this actually happening to me, am I finally losing my mind.  This can’t be happening,” Osher told NBC 4 New York he remembered thinking. “This is a zebra on Staten Island. On the street!”

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black country crop circles prove phenomenon is no hoax, claims a man that of course no one believes

I always wish it to be true but if you look at this video of people creating ridiculously amazing crop circles, it is hard to believe that there is any creation that intelligent, artistic pranksters cannot do.  Of course, there is this crop circle binary code creation that may cancel everything I just said out.


AN Aussie historian believes he has buried forever the ‘cereal’ lie that crop circles are the work of hoaxers – by unearthing Black Country images of them dating back to 1945 and beyond.


It’s ‘barley’ believable, but Greg Jefferys has also uncovered evidence of the phenomenon in scientific documents dating back to 1880.


The boffin, from Hobart, Tasmania, says his findings prove there’s more to the mysterious circles than hoaxers playing silly tricks.


“This discovery proves that claims by various artists to be the sole creators of crop circles are themselves a hoax,” he says.


“It just goes to show that the circles remain unexplained.


“I hope this discovery will stimulate renewed interest in crop circles by serious scientific researchers who have been fooled by the hoax claims.”

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3d printed idea of the day is the 3d printed car

The team of engineer’s say each vehicle takes three months to print which is about 50 times less time it will take for someone to get the new 4 million dollar Lamborghini that has been created.  I bet that thing is going to be like a rocket ship.  Still probably will not have cup holders or wifi.


The hybrid car, created by engineer Jim Kor, is designed to be light, cheap, easy to reproduce and very efficient. It’s made entirely of 3D-printed plastic parts, all except the engine and base chassis, which are metal. It has three wheels and can carry two passengers.

Currently, it takes almost three months for the car to be printed and assembled. But once ready, the car is extremely lightweight. According to Wired, the Urbee 2 has a curb weight of just 1,200 pounds, which should give it an impressive miles-per-gallon performance. The head engineer estimates that once the team has a finished prototype, they could drive from San Francisco to New York with just 10 gallons of pure ethanol.

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