LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes? Maybe.

A solar powered train system going up to 800 mph. Please oh please sign me up.


Physicists Create Quantum Link Between Photons That Don’t Exist at the Same Time

Physicists Create Quantum Link Between Photons That Don’t Exist at the Same Time

I wish there was a better title I could come up with but there is no way I’m topping that so let me say thank you to Sciencemag because they always have great stuff on their site.  And then marvel at this concept.  Ah, the future.

a tryfecta of wonder that is 3d printing

3d printing is the greatest advancement in technology that affects my life since the flat tv that didn’t weight 8000 pounds so as a service to my wonderful friends, I’m here to share some of latest and greatest things the technology has to offer.

Print your own invisibility

The good people at Duke university have cooked up a way to make you a super hero (or just a creepy peeper).

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Print your own ear, and other body parts

Researchers in Melbourne are only a few short years away from being able print custom created body parts from ears to nerve cells.

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Print a gun

It’s all the hulabaloo of the world wide today.  The “first” 3d printed gun has been test fired by the good people over at Defence Distributed.  Called The Liberator, this 100 percent 3d printed gun is now the future.

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the 300 horsepower bionic shark

The Seabreacher X is biomimicry at its finest. It takes the shape of man’s most feared predator, gives it more horsepower than a MotoGP bike, and makes it so light that it has the power-to-weight ratio of a Bugatti Veyron – that’s the Seabreacher X. Its semi-pressurized hull enables it to tickle your adrenalin glands both above and below the waves, and it rates as the most outrageous boy’s toy I have ever sampled.

I mean, look how cool that thing looks coming out of the water?  I want to be a creature of the sea.  Maybe find myself a mermaid to get hitched to. Have fishy kids.

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how to make out with your partner online….with video

480px-Francesco_Hayez_008You ever just want to stick your tongue into someone else’s mouth but that mouth is 3000 miles away?  Well, thanks to my favorite weirdos in the world, the Japanese, you will soon be able to at least simulate all the face sucking action you ever wanted.  Using a rotating straw type device, the user on either end sticks the straw contraption in their mouth and then the fun begins.  No word on whether anyone will ever use this but that’s probably what they said when the fleshlight came out too.

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