it’s levitation holmes

I bet I can change your life in less than 90 seconds. Just watch the video and you tell me. The possibilities are endless.


Physicists Create Quantum Link Between Photons That Don’t Exist at the Same Time

Physicists Create Quantum Link Between Photons That Don’t Exist at the Same Time

I wish there was a better title I could come up with but there is no way I’m topping that so let me say thank you to Sciencemag because they always have great stuff on their site.  And then marvel at this concept.  Ah, the future.

doctor reading vital signs on iphone

Biometric tools are quickly becoming all the rage in the medical industry for a plethora f reasons.   Doctors can now test heart rates, blood pressure, and other health readings while still in the room with their patient.  This keeps the patient from needing to go get a scan from someone else that costs them more money and the hassle of going to two places when one can do.  A peripheral covering wraps around the phone — it’s an inch and a half thick, three inches wide and six inches tall — while the AOptix Stratus app presents a user interface familiar to any iOS user.

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music as a healing process

Alternative therapy.  Now, there is a novel idea in the age of guns and bombs.  Shouldn’t we all be trying any which way we can to get us all to get along (or at least to stop killing innocent people).  Hearing beautiful music.  Hugging a stuffed animal.  Fly by drugging from the sky.  Whatever gets the job done and we can maybe move forward together and start creating even greater things.


When orthopaedic surgeon Robin Turner heard how serene his normally fidgety mother-in-law was when she visited a Brian Eno installation at Brighton festival, a flashbulb went off in his head.

The results of that were revealed on Thursday: a hospital quiet room created by the godfather of ambient music where patients can “think, take stock or simply relax”.

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computers reading your dreams and you have nightmares a lot

The longer you wait to sleep, the more likely freddy kruger will come for you

I’m up late but I don’t see the morning either so this research is probably going to miss me.  You know when I have nightmares, when I need to go pee.  That’s called age.  Thanks growing old.  Maybe I should ask the Russian if after he figures out how to live forever, if he can just make my body operate to perfection for another ten years.  that’s all i need.


From Live Science:

Night owls might think staying up late is a real hoot, but a new study hints that delayed sleep might have a sinister side. People who hit the sack late might have a greater risk of experiencing nightmares, according to scientists, although they add that follow-up research is needed to confirm the link.

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the science of animals and humans working together to solve disease

mixing human dna with animals is the best science project ever

To imagine that lab rats (the scientists not the actual rats) have been testing how human sperm works with chimpanzee’s…The little rat with a human ear on his back is always too cute for words (and completely and utterly creepy)…Alcoholic’s might want to start having sheep as pets if it means they can always have a spare liver handy in case things go awry…I don’t care how you do it, even if I’m not allergic to cats I still want no part of them.  They are so needy and with me around, there can only be one needy.

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