weird video games from japan

It was awful brave of me to enter japan and weird into any search for god only knows what will come back. Always makes things seem a little bit more normal on this side of the world so thanks Japan for that.


your new favorite youtube channel: japan sells things the best

I must admit that some of the Japanese commercials are a little too influenced by Old Navy and Toyota, you still got to love weird shaped creepy bears playing with kids to sell your juice drink.  thanks to Japanese Commercials in HD for the compilation.

how to make out with your partner online….with video

480px-Francesco_Hayez_008You ever just want to stick your tongue into someone else’s mouth but that mouth is 3000 miles away?  Well, thanks to my favorite weirdos in the world, the Japanese, you will soon be able to at least simulate all the face sucking action you ever wanted.  Using a rotating straw type device, the user on either end sticks the straw contraption in their mouth and then the fun begins.  No word on whether anyone will ever use this but that’s probably what they said when the fleshlight came out too.

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who wants a gummy version of themselves? me, that’s who

Who wouldn’t want to be a gummy bear?  If you think this is a bad idea then I think you are a bad idea and I no longer want to be your friend.  Come on, a gummy me?  Fantastic!

After hosting their highly successful Valentine’s Day event in which ladies were invited to create a chocolate replica of their face, FabCafe has now released details of their follow-up event for the men. They will be holding a 2-part workshop at their Shibuya location where males will use a 3D body scanner to create gummy  humans in their own likeness. They’ll walk home with a gummy replica of themselves made from love and sweat to present to that very special someone on White Day.

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