In Merica, we eat what we want

Mericans eat it all. Even foods that are banned everywhere else in the world. McRib sandwich, the tasty plastic treat.


life is ruff as a pup

sometimes, it can be hard out there for a dog. all the worrying and the not understanding about situations. it’s all just too much.


tryfecta of the best animals on trampolines

Everyone loves a good dog vs trampoline

If you know Mr Tony, you know bear vs trampoline is his favorite

What is better than two foxes on trampoline



the odd fascination with youth by craig ferguson

Ah for the days when experience was the key ingredient.


LATJ the web series

Count me as the newest subscriber to LifeAccordingtoJim channel on youtube. Two guys make a smooth entrance. Nice ride. Fancy clothes. There’s just one problem. You gotta watch out for the seatbelt. Hilarity.


The day I learned to love The Wire

God forbid any of the pay networks ever release their shows on a streaming format but if they ever do, The Wire should be the first one you watch. The nuance, the intrigue, the constant use of the F word…All of which leads to this clip, The F#$# Scene. The language revolves around that powerful and mighty word and shows that sometimes, it is the only word you will ever need working homicide in Baltimore.