your life in jelly beans

Somedays, I wish I could collect twice as many jelly beans to double the time I have. Other days, eh, maybe I’ll trade someone a few.


a tryfecta of wonder that is 3d printing

3d printing is the greatest advancement in technology that affects my life since the flat tv that didn’t weight 8000 pounds so as a service to my wonderful friends, I’m here to share some of latest and greatest things the technology has to offer.

Print your own invisibility

The good people at Duke university have cooked up a way to make you a super hero (or just a creepy peeper).

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Print your own ear, and other body parts

Researchers in Melbourne are only a few short years away from being able print custom created body parts from ears to nerve cells.

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Print a gun

It’s all the hulabaloo of the world wide today.  The “first” 3d printed gun has been test fired by the good people over at Defence Distributed.  Called The Liberator, this 100 percent 3d printed gun is now the future.

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doctor reading vital signs on iphone

Biometric tools are quickly becoming all the rage in the medical industry for a plethora f reasons.   Doctors can now test heart rates, blood pressure, and other health readings while still in the room with their patient.  This keeps the patient from needing to go get a scan from someone else that costs them more money and the hassle of going to two places when one can do.  A peripheral covering wraps around the phone — it’s an inch and a half thick, three inches wide and six inches tall — while the AOptix Stratus app presents a user interface familiar to any iOS user.

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computers reading your dreams and you have nightmares a lot

The longer you wait to sleep, the more likely freddy kruger will come for you

I’m up late but I don’t see the morning either so this research is probably going to miss me.  You know when I have nightmares, when I need to go pee.  That’s called age.  Thanks growing old.  Maybe I should ask the Russian if after he figures out how to live forever, if he can just make my body operate to perfection for another ten years.  that’s all i need.


From Live Science:

Night owls might think staying up late is a real hoot, but a new study hints that delayed sleep might have a sinister side. People who hit the sack late might have a greater risk of experiencing nightmares, according to scientists, although they add that follow-up research is needed to confirm the link.

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what to do as a russian billionaire? figure out how to be immortal

There are a lot of things that I would do if I were a Russian billionaire.  Immortality is not in my top ten.  I enjoy every day of my run here but I think that this little human space suit that I dwell in now is going to get boring at some point.  The other side, being part of the universe, doesn’t sound too bad either.  Enough about me.  Let’s talk about Dmitry.  It’s a lofty goal you have set for yourself.  I wish you the best of luck but don’t volunteer me.

money flying bills air

From The Indian Express:

A Russian billionaire has unveiled plans to make humans immortal by converting them into ‘Terminator-style’ cyborgs – a creature that’s part human and part machine – within the next three decades.

Thirty two-year-old mogul, Dmitry Itskov has been pushing the project forward since 2011 when he founded the 2045 Initiative.

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the science of animals and humans working together to solve disease

mixing human dna with animals is the best science project ever

To imagine that lab rats (the scientists not the actual rats) have been testing how human sperm works with chimpanzee’s…The little rat with a human ear on his back is always too cute for words (and completely and utterly creepy)…Alcoholic’s might want to start having sheep as pets if it means they can always have a spare liver handy in case things go awry…I don’t care how you do it, even if I’m not allergic to cats I still want no part of them.  They are so needy and with me around, there can only be one needy.

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