“Once you taste…

“Once you taste meat, you’re not going back to just fruits and vegetables.” Anuj Agrawal

Sometimes, it’s nice to know that we americans aren’t the only ones who can get suckered into the glorious taste of a mouth watering cheeseburger.  Oh so good!  Of course, we have never worshiped cattle in our history but hey, we all evolve.  

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we are now test tubing burgers for some reason


The world’s first “test-tube” meat, a hamburger made from a cow’s stem cells, will be produced this fall, Dutch scientist Mark Post told a major science conference on Sunday.

Post’s aim is to invent an efficient way to produce skeletal muscle tissue in a laboratory that exactly mimics meat, and eventually replace the entire meat-animal industry.

The ingredients for his first burger are “still in a laboratory phase,” he said, but by fall “we have committed ourselves to make a couple of thousand of small tissues, and then assemble them into a hamburger.”

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