Open-source airplane could cost just $15,000

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By Jason Paur, Wired

There’s an open-source airplane being developed in Canada, and now its designers are looking to double down on the digital trends, turning to crowdsourced funding to finish the project.

The goal of Maker Plane is to develop a small, two-seat airplane that qualifies as a light sport aircraft and is affordable, safe, and easy to fly. But unlike other home-built aircraft, where companies or individuals charge for their plans or kits, Maker Plane will give its design away for free.

The group behind the project consists of pilots and engineers who are designing the airplane, allowing it to be built using the kind of personal manufacturing equipment somebody in the maker community might already have at home or can easily purchase. The idea of a home-built airplane is nothing new. It dates back to the earliest days of flight, after Orville and Wilbur made and…

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vincent gallo talks critics with critics

Gallo’s american laden jumpsuit is priceless. His venom at the female critic is expected. The conversation about cinema is a real and honest one and worth the watch.
Perhaps one of the most influential filmmakers of the last 20 years that will not be recognized for another 20, Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo 66 takes viewers on an odyssey through one poor man’s destroyed psyche and how it all came to pass. “No daddy No!” the young Billy Brown screams as his dad breaks his puppies neck for peeing on the carpet. It’s a strange and wild trip indeed.