War MMA: Nick Diaz’s new promotion puts on a solid first affair

A surprisingly well run show saw Daniel “Ninja” Roberts fall short losing a split decision victory to Justin Baseman in the main event of the first War MMA event.  Since losing a decision to UFC’s Charlie Brenneman, Roberts has reeled off two wins outside of the octagon and had hoped to use this fight right in his training ground back yard but alas, Justin Baseman, and the judges, would have none of it. 

In the early moments of the fight, Daniel Roberts looked like he would make a short night of things hitting Baseman with a barrage of blows with the ref inching ever to so close to stopping the fight.  But once Baseman somehow survived the onslaught, Roberts spent the rest of the fight trying to recover from exhaustion.  Even Ninja’s attempts to lay and pray (with Jake Shields in his corner admiring his technique) on Baseman for the last few minutes of the fight could not sway the judges his way.     

Overall, the broadcast came off with only a few minor glitches and was helmed very admirably by TJ De Santis and Javier Vasquez.  Even with a good night of fights, televised regional shows can still turn out to be a disaster when they are burdened by a subpar announce team.  Other than a few lingering moments on Javier’s cup use, the duo flowed seamlessly and should be back for any future shows. 

The must watch moment of the night definitely goes to Ray Boughton’s toe hold finish over a bewildered Michael Martinez.  Someone get a gif of that.Image


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