ufc 161…Disney and the UFC edition


A closely contested but not all together exciting main event saw Rashad Evans take a split decision win over Dan Henderson.  A straight left by Hendo rocked Rashad in the first but it was the speed that helped Evans take home the victory Saturday night.  With Jon Jones sitting up top of the weight class with everyone else competing for second place, Rashad has several options for opponents to come next.  Still fighting back father time, Henderson looked a little slow at times but fighting one of the fastest fighters at Light Heavyweight will make even a man a decade younger look like they are standing in quicksand.

Roy Nelson bet on himself to be ready just six weeks after his last outing in the cage but his gamble backfired as Stipe Miocic out struck Nelson solidly over three rounds on the way to a unanimous victory.   Nelson fired his right hand off sporadically over the fifteen minutes, each time the audience held their breath hoping to see another victim but the hope was all for not as Stipe kept himself out of harms way.  Big Country continues to show he is one of the best of the rest but just can’t get over the hump against the best of the best.

How weird was it to see Disney’s logo on the mat?  Did anyone have a bigger smile on their face than Rashad Evans after Bruce Buffer called his name as the winner?  Relief and great thanks to the fight gods for not screwing him out of a decision.  Sorry to Tyrone Woodley for getting stuck in a Jake Shields quicksand fight of boredom.  Pat Barry should work on a plan to not get hit in the face because invariably, it doesn’t work out so well for him.

And now we wait for what comes next…The Spider is coming!


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