I finished the screenplay, now the hard part…my pitch

Fiona is Gone is the most recently screenplay written by little ole me.  The script was hard but satisfying.  Selling this bad boy is another beast all together.  I’ve bounced around on a few paragraphs but I think this is the winner going into the clubhouse.  Let me know:

An accident occurs when Chuck, a Texas border patrol agent, runs into trouble attempting to illegally sneak his mother-in-law across the border.  To deflect suspicion from his presence in the desert, Chuck directs an arrest team to his accomplice assisting on the Mexican side.  The ensuing bust leads to a high profile arrest which, along with an old friend’s tentative recommendation, catapults Chuck to front runner for a recently vacated congressional seat.  Once elected, Chuck finds himself politically impotent, unable to make any of his own policy decisions and poll numbers that fluctuate daily, usually trending down.  Compounding matters, his now estranged wife decides to go down to Mexico and find out what happened to her mother.  When Chuck learns of his step daughter’s disappearance, he seizes the opportunity to try and redeem himself hoping to make amends for all of his misdeeds and win reelection in the process. 


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