When the Village Doesn’t Need You Anymore

knowledge as humanity’s future. what a novel approach!


Derek Thompson from The Atlantic posted some interesting but unsurprising statistics a while back. It seems there is a roughly inverse correlation between hours worked and GDP per capita in European countries.  Given a 40-hour workweek, the average German works three and a half MONTHS less than the average Greek each year.  The average Greek (Greece being home to mass corruption and economic failure) works over 2,000 hours per year.  The vaunted Germany economy does more than get by while Germans average only 1,400 hours a year.  French and Norwegians work similar hours to the Germans.  Other leading economies like Japan, Canada, the United States, and Luxembourg all work significantly fewer hours on average than Greece, though significantly more than Germany.  Industrialized nations do not need lots of people working long hours to generate wealth.

In an illustrative case, academia has been unsettled over the past few months in the…

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