Not So Classic Cinema presents…Double Jeopardy


Double Jeopardy stars the lovely and underratedly talented Ashley Judd as she travels the US  in search of her husband that may still be alive after she was convicted for killing him.  Following behind every step of the way is the bloodhound Tommy Lee Jones who leaves his job behind to bring the one lost sheep back to proverbial parolee pack.  Excitement and unbelievability ensue.

Random happenstance:   Libby leaves her son in the custody of a “friend” while she heads off to jail.  Angie, the friend, brings the kid to jail for a while to visit but eventually the visits stop until Libby finally tracks Angie down in San Francisco.  As Libby tries to understand what is going on, her son screams “daddy” in the background as his “dead” dad, obviously very much alive, strolls in.  This is the key that sparks the rest of Libby’s motivation for the movie.  Let’s all just weigh that one out in our hands for a moment.

Someone in the back of an ambulance to tie everything up and foretell the future? Check.

If you don’t have anything nice to say…: There is a lot this flick has to offer.  Murder.  “Suspense”.  Nonsensical plot lines.  Let’s hit just a few.  A lady goes out with her husband on a boat they borrowed for the weekend, comes back with blood all over the boat and a knife in her hand but the next morning, she is free as a bird planting flowers in the backyard with her son…the travel restrictions in 1999 were a little more lax than the not being able to bring a chainsaw on a plane rules we have now as Libby was free to fly the friendly skies after being on the run for the maybe murder of her husband…And Nick, the undead husband, travels around the U.S. even auctioning himself off to the type of people who have men auctions for charity.  Seems legit…And Travis, oh the disaster waiting to happen Travis, chases Libby down (on someone’s dime who is never revealed) only to be willing to let her go free when everyone realizes she probably didn’t kill her husband that is not dead without even asking for some reimbursement money for his travels and his inevitable firing from his job he shouldn’t have left…and the inmates with hearts of gold that helps a rich white lady take care of her business rather than beating her mercifully and taking away her will to live.

All in all: Ashley Judd is lovely and always a solid actress.  Every line on Tommy Lee Jones’s face must tell some kind of story.  He uses that face so well.  The idea of “staying your lane” was probably created for TV actors to avoid doing movies at all cost.  No one every listens.


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