Bradley Manning finally headed to court

It’s been a long and winding road for Bradley Manning.  During the stints he spent enduring some kind of torture, I’m sure the road seemed like it would never end.  No matter if you agree with what he did or how he went about exposing state secrets, wasn’t it vital and to the utmost importance that the information get revealed?

The video of drones gunning down “terrorists” and, by extinction, medical personnel, reporters, and families put a visual to the drone situation and how it quickly became a gaping hole of immorality in our “war on terror”.  Bringing to light such a video stains our reputation around the world but if we are doing such things, shouldn’t we be able to live with the stains.  If we can’t, maybe we should stop and try something else.  Military budget to NASA for 5 years.  What do you say?

read all about it (Touch Me!)


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