#222 – 3-D Printing Snack Machines

Just as long as the food doesn’t get stuck coming out like every time I try to buy donuts in a vending machine then I’ll love this machine.

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the future.  Probably more than I should as I try to figure out what the Next Big Thing is going to be.  I actually lie in bed late at night wondering if Graphene is ever going to take off.  Truth be told I also lie in bed wondering who is going to get voted off the Voice so that in of itself may not be that impressive.  But I do, however, dedicate a disproportionate amount of brain power during the day to thinking about the benefits we could one day see from synthetic biology, quantum computers, and Bitcoins.  I literally count down the days until Google Glass comes out the way that people used to count down the days until the Olsen Twins were legal.  (Hopefully, Google Glass will have more staying power than the Olsen Twins did.)

I do all this…

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