the evolution of history

Our history, that is to say the actual verifiable history of man rather than what is often guesstimated as to be our history since they have to teach something in school, is changing and the change comes with every new bit of information researchers find.  Will the new information make it into books in the classroom?  Well, it might in a country that teaches to the future rather than at multiple choice answers but that might just open up a whole can of sad face talking about the sad sack schooling of our youths but I’m all smiles today so none of that.   Instead, enjoy something new to stick in your ole brain cavity to be used at a cocktail party sometime.

The Hanging Gardens didn’t hang in Babylon

After two decades of exhausting research,Dr Stephanie Dalley has come to the conclusion that The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, my personal favorite of the ancient seven wonders of the world, did not dwell in Babylon but rather Nineveh, a city 300 miles north of the what was thought to be the original location. 

Two decades?  I’ve only lived three myself.  (Touch Me!)

There are other planets where we could live (if we could get there)

Gliese 163c, what smart people call an alien planet, was found by a French researcher and a team of astronomers while studying red dwarf stars.  The alien planet is just one of several locations that have been spotted in the last few years that share many of the characteristics we call home most importantly, weather.

I’d pick the colder planet.  You can always put clothes on but you will always run out of clothes to take off.  (Touch Me!)

What’s the deal with free will?

Back in the times of Oliver North and Punky Brewster, Benjamin Libet, a California neuroscientist, ran experiments on volunteers regarding the existence of free will proving to some that we do not have as much free will over our actions as we had believed.  Just like everything else from the 80’s, that’s so wrong.  A European research team has are proving all the ways Libet was wrong.

It’s not free will that will make you click here.  It’s your subconscious talking to mine.   (Touch Me!)


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