not so classic cinema presents…The Skulls


My disclaimer as always: Bad in this connotation does not reflect on the filmmakers unbelievable commitment to their craft but rather an end product that did not turn out as planned. 

Luke McNamara is an over-achieving townie (what a word) who has clawed his way through an Ivy League school.  In his senior year, he gets an invite to pledge the most exclusive fraternity in town.  Things don’t work out as well for Luke’s room mate who dies under mysterious circumstances while investing The Skulls fraternity secret ways.  Luke turns against the fraternity and sets out to prove they had a hand in his roommates death.

TV actor vs Film actor:   The debate never ends when discussing tv actors versus their counterparts from the big screen.  There are countless stars that have switched over seamlessly but twice as many that have crashed and burned.  Paul Walker has kicked car ass for a dozen or so Fast and Furious movies, a criminally underrated action thriller, and a something with Jessica Alba in a bikini.  Joshua Jackson made Cursed.  Some guys get all the breaks.

Most impressive ridiculousness: The star of the show must be Craig T Nelson’s era defining mustache   Trim and wispy  Nelson’s stache might be the best showing on the silver screen since Grouch Marx (and if you really want to have a laugh, watch Groucho’s mustache in hidef.  It is amazing).

Questions from the real world: Even if someone is buying you a classic car and a fancy apartment, don’t you have to sign some paperwork at some point?  How is Lucas able to remove his roommates secret stash of research about The Skulls and walk out the door with the police on site investigating the whole situation?  Do all libraries have secret rooms behind false book cabinets?  How long can one really run from a car in a straight away without the car at least clipping them?  Did someone get the kids camera checked back in before he has to pay late fees?


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