ufc 159 takeaways: is there a doctor in the house?

UFC 159 will be remembered for one thing.  A toe.  While there was some quality entertainment to be had thanks to the abuse Michael Bisping put on the man with the worst tattoo in MMA which was proceeded by a very large French man collapsing on his face after the rotund Roy Nelson glanced a right across his face, there was no memory more indelible than Jon Jone’s toe.

The fight between the aforementioned mister Jones and one mister Chael P Sonnen went as it should have.  The baddest man on the planet took ahold of his opponent like I used to wrestle with my My Buddy doll, put him on the ground, and swung away until the man in the striped shirt dove in.  Easy goings for the champion as easy as it has been during his two year title run.

Except, somewhere along the way, the champion had bent his own big toe sideways and the toe decided to no longer be part of the rest of the body.  The ensuing post fight interview became more interesting than the fight itself.  Holding his belt, Jones held his smile on camera while doctors just below the watchful eye of the camera were trying to put humpty dumpty back together again.  For most of us, not a word of what we uttered while one of our toes hang in the balance could have been air-able on any kind of broadcast.  Ouch!

Again, there were a few solid efforts from the rest of the card.  Roy Nelson ensured himself a top 10 opponent next after he made Cheick Kongo eat a little canvas with an overhand right that is quickly becoming one of the most deadly weapons in the heavyweight division.  Sadly though, UFC 159 was marred by in fight injuries; a few nasty eye pokes and a broken thumb.  Not a lot of mma importance went down on Saturday but the medical profession sure got a few new clients.    UFC-159-poster


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