animals in outer space, russian style

Imagine what kind of story those animals will have if they ever make it back to their family.  How does a mouse tell his mouse peoples that he was in outer space just floating around up there?  Do animals feel the same letdown after they come back from space and have to go back to life on earth?  Now we must figure out how to speak with all animals because I’ve got questions that need to be answered.SPACE MOUSE 1962 DELL

An intrepid critter crew of geckos, mice and gerbils and other animals launched into orbit Friday to begin a month-long Russian experiment to study how space travel affects living creatures. The space mission, scientists assure, will return the animals to Earth alive.

The new animal astronauts launched into orbit atop a Russian-built Soyuz 2 rocket that lifted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, in Central Asia.

via (Touch Me!)


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