I’m back after a week and have a finished screenplay. Did I miss anything?

At least once a week, I read the first sentence of some article on phys.org and realize that I know the meaning of less of the words that comprise the sentence than the ones I actually do. Another reason I love the internet.  Speaking of, I’ve been gone for a week finishing a screenplay.  Did I miss anything?

What an adventure.  I would actually like to thank a few people for doing real journalistic coverage on the whole thing.  Deadspin did a bang up job of keeping facts separate from the conspiracy theory craziness (that is wonderfully fascinating to look at as long as you can remember it is all speculation and innuendo.)  

Side rant, I’ve been a watcher of Alex Jones for some time now.  I say watching because I see him dealing with a situation like this through the spectrum of continued employment.  Alex Jones or Fox News or any other stance driven entertainment program has to stand on their platform no matter the circumstance.  If you use just one of these as your entire news source of information then like the meme says, you’ll have a bad time.   Diversification.  That’s the key.

And while I was doing a little diversifying on my own, I watched Fox News be the first place to call out the FBI on their failures handling the situation.  Since Alex Jones’s name has been mentioned here, I would like to take the time to say, I Matthew Pizana, am not saying the FBI controlled the situation and intentionally killed americans to further some agenda.  Now that is out in the open, I can say that it does look as though there were errors made by a three letter government organization in dealing with the two assailants beforehand.  

I’m barely a useful employee at my company but I do show up every day on time and always do my job as I am told.  Put me in a position where the national security of this nation is at stake, lets just say that we might be living like Will Smith in I Am Legend.  Plainly, I have no credibility.  But I do have reasonability and what that tells me is that no group, company, person, or even Monsanto (I dislike you so much) can be perfect all the time.  Errors happen.  Information can be misread.  This is the way us, flawed humans, work.

So, when I make mistakes, I admit it, apologize, and set about to never to repeat the same mistakes over again.  Hey, three letter government group, you messed up this time.  You’ve messed up a lot before.  The one thing I keep hearing is keeping us safe but what I never hear is during the process of keeping me safe, you screw up but afterwards, you say you botched this one all to hell.  

Will people lose jobs?  Sure.  Should people be demoted or reassigned or be given any kind of punishment besides a promotion?  Of course!  Is it going to happen?….

Oh yeah, and I finished my screenplay.  It is entitled Fiona is Gone.  Finished, of course creators know, is a  term really known as someone or something is going to take my in progress work and stick a label on it that says “ready for human consumption”.  I’m saying, I submitted my script to the first of a few festivals this one being The Big Star Screenwriting Competition.  Fingers crossed.

Days to deadline of Big Star Contest: 0      


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