i’m writing a script: day ?: still cutting scenes

Starting the last week before the Big Star screenwriting competition and I have started off the week taking a hatchet to a major scene.  The first scene.  Actually, the first page of the first scene.  The scene, inside a daily police briefing, was with the script for at least the last two versions of the script.  I had built the speech for the Sheriff to carry a little deeper meaning about how the life of a police officer along the border works but in the end, my soap box held the start of the action of the film back a minute and what is the point of that?  So, edit and delete.   Now, we start with the Sheriff on the move.  He is walking and talking.  Telling his two trusted underlings about a criminal he needs them to catch.  And away we go.

Lesson learned from today is don’t take treat scene, character, or conversation with kid gloves as if it were a precious little puppy to be worshiped and left unharmed.  If the thing is a round peg for a square hole then don’t use it.  Safe it for next time because putting it in this time will only take away from the current story you, I, am trying to tell.   It’s painful, but it has to be done.  Next, it is time to change a character’s name that has been his name since day one.  Until next time.

5 days until the  Big Star screenwriting competition.


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