fusion technology can launch crew to mars in 30 days…fingers crossed

I think I may have found my ticket to space.  I’d say by the time this space sling shot is ready to go, I’ll have another ten years under my belt which will make me ten years less useful.  That sounds like the perfect kind of person to send out into the vast beyond.  If I fail, eh, no sweat off anyone’s back.  If I succeed, I’m staying in space so do whatever you want with my success.  See ya suckers!


 Researchers at the University of Washington say they’ve built all the pieces for a fusion-powered rocket system that could get a crew to Mars in 30 days. Now they just have to put the pieces together and see if they work.


“If we can pull off a fusion demonstration in a year, with hundreds of thousands of dollars … there might be a better, cheaper, faster path to using fusion in other applications,” John Slough, a research assistant professor of aeronautics and astronautics, told NBC News.

via (Touch Me!)


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