would you believe…? all the gold in the world fits into a 67 ft cube

Hey boy’s and girls, let me tell you a little story.  A story of when america’s money was based on something real.  That something was gold. Those were the glory days for america.  back when racism, sexism, and the occasional mass round up of an entire race of people was seen as the only way the world worked correctly.  Of course, rich white men are very good at creating such charades and continue to run amok to this day.


But I’m getting sidetracked.  We are here to talk about gold.  Well, back when (oh along ’72) Nixon and congress decided that it best if america didn’t continue to use gold as the basis for our money system.  See, gold has a limit.  Even if we mined every piece of gold on the planet, it’s still a finite resource.  America, she no like-y her finite resources so the beast hissed and roared and now the feds can print as much as it cares to in order to “keep our system alive”.  How about gold we switch to a money system based on bananas.  There’s no rhyme or reason for banana’s specifically but if our money is just paper to be printed, why not right?

via (Touch Me!)

also thanks to democracy.info for the fancy chart


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