why aren’t you watching the twlight zone: the walking distance episode


I didn’t have things like Richard Kelly and the world wide web when I was a young lad to expose me to great tv shows like The Twilight Zone.  Now that I have some perspective, it is even more spectacular to know that Twilight Zone is so significantly one of a kind.  Taking weird sci-fi ideas that would usually only be explored through cheap, silly b-level creations, the TZ brought a higher level to those ideas.

Walking Distance sees a big shot from the big city return home to the little town that he grew up in where things always remain the same.  Well, it only remains the same because it is still the same home town that he grew up in at the same exact time he grew up because Martin Sloan has slipped backwards in time.  He meets himself.  His mom slaps him.  He gains a limp.  All the while learning that youth is full of wonders and amazements, but there is only a need to live that youth once.

via (Touch Me!)



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