design a weapon for the new Robert Rodriguez movie

For all the social media connections that filmmakers currently have access to, it is still hit or miss for how they use those devices to include fans of their work on a deeper level.  Robert Rodriguez always keeps his fans on the forefront of his thoughts while he works (if you have never watched his cooking series as part of the bonus materials on a few of his dvd’s, you are missing out).  Now, with nothing more than the power of 140 characters and a little bit of a crazy mind, anyone can design a weapon for Rodriguez’s new movie.  That’s pretty intimate fan interaction.

From the Blackberry website:

Robert Rodriguez never stops. Director, writer, producer, editor, composer, he’s known as much for his hands-on creative approach as for hit movies like Sin City, Desperado and From Dusk till Dawn.

His latest boundary-pushing project enlists fans around the world, to help create an action-packed short film. The story so far? Two vigilante twin sisters on a secret mission.

We had a casting call for Act 1. Now we need your imagination to help complete Act 2. Watch Robert’s videos to get up to speed with the project. Scroll down to get involved.

via (Touch Me!)

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