i’m writing a script day 7: if i can just reference everything i ever wrote ever…

Fiona’s Gone – organization saves the day

It’s just organization right?  How hard can it be.  Well, if you are as scattered brained as I tend to be when my noodle starts to go, it can be quite a chore.  I still have 3 boxes of madman type notes and scribbles from my younger years that I keep around not to help me in my current march forward but because of their complete hodgepodgeness in nature, for that day when I’ve exhausted all my ideas and I have to desperately crawl back to my youth for inspiration.  Oh what a wonderness day that will be.

I don’t even know how I got by writing anything without note cards, excel spreadsheets, and sometimes, just writing a title at the top of the page to at least let me know what was the purpose of that page of writing when it began.  Also, dates on files have become invaluable to keeping my writings on my computer.  At least it allows me to delete things if I know there is a newer dated version of itself out there.

With Fiona’s Gone organization was key when I began to switch my protagonist with my antagonist.  In previous versions, the main character had been the connection to all things that happened in the story but he was very one dimensional.  A man that will do anything for a woman.  Powerful story but did not carry much weight on the screen.  It is a tough task to show the connection of a couple who only dated when they were kids and the female is not in most of the movie.  Only a film like Love Liza could pull off such a thing.  Now, the previous antagonist; the former border patrol officer, the current politician, the secret hider, has taken the lead reigns and will finally be the character that I want leading the charge bringing this script to a close.

bigstar screenwriting competition deadline: 17 days away


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