i’m writing a script day 6: today, I don’t hate this thing

Day 6 of Fiona’s Gone

It always feels so good to go back and read something and be pleasantly surprised by what you find.  Now, I will never be satisfied with anything I ever write even after someone has taken out of my cold clamy hands (I’m not dead in this scenario but when I have to deal with other people and scripts, my hands get a little moist.  It’s my anxiety, I’m sure of it.  Same way I get when I watch IMAX movies but it doesn’t stop me from watching them.  Side rant over) but I can be pleased with a few scenes I created from scratch.

The main character has to go back to an old friend turned enemy to ask a favor.  There is no other options for the main character if he wants at chance at re-election.  They face off.  Tension is high but The Shield tv show is discussed.  They find a nice balance.  The two discuss business.  The main character ends the business reminding his old friend that anyone that knows everything is a bad person to be on the wrong side of.  This visit is over but these two will meet again.

I feel parts of a Western in the scene.  Maybe a little Sergio Leone (in spirit, of course).  Definitely opening scene of Inglorious Bastards.  Thank you Hans Landa.  It’s nice to feel good about a scene I create from nothing; it’s even better to know some of the masters paved a path for me to follow.  It’s silly to try to reinvent a wheel that will always be the same.  Something something sincerest form of flattery, right?

bigstar screenwriting competition deadline: 18 days away


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