I’m writing a script day 5: what time of the morning is it?

So this is day 5 (technically day four but if you would stop counting it wouldn’t matter) of my quest to make it to the DSA competition without losing my mind in the process.  Me and my team of characters have been to Mexico, felt a little bit of freedom, but get pulled back to America to do one last thing before he disappears off the map forever.  Isn’t that how it always goes?  So close yet so far away.

It’s my antagonist that has now become my main focus.  When this whole thing began, Andy my antagonist was the protagonist.  I loved his story.  I loved what he said.  But somewhere along the way I realized that his character didn’t have all the things that make a main made shine on the screen.  It’s really not Andy’s fault.  He is just a man with a lifelong crush whereas his nemesis worked as a border patrol officer before moving on to work in the state congress.  Maybe if Andy could have figured out how to be a super hero then he would have some legs to stand on but since that isn’t this movie and I don’t know what kind of hand I would have for a super hero movie in the first place, he is left in second place.  Lucky for me, I’ve got a year’s worth of back story I cultivated for him when he was number one so his depth is not lacking.


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