Oklahoma dentist may have exposed 7000 patients to HIV or hepatitis…oopsies

I will use this as my platform to say I loathe dentists.  I hate your fake pleasantness and sanitaryness (?) in your waiting room when I know very well what you have hiding in the back.  The most evil torture tools; picks and saws and that awful tasting goo you put in my mouth and hey, how about you upgrade to the plastic mouthpiece so I don’t have to get the awful taste of metal on my tongue as you are jamming it inside my mouth.  You think Texas Chainsaw Massacre was scary, pop in The Dentist sometime.  You will see why I haven’t come within 500 yards of a dentist office since.  Side note, it was also Corbin Bersein at his finest if that means anything to you.  All that being said, this was just one guy so no one go judging the entire profession as one asshole.  Judge it by all the other crappy things it does and shun them from society.  It is time to rise up against the dentists and…

Health officials are urging 7,000 patients of an Oklahoma dentist to seek medical tests to ensure they haven’t been exposed to hepatitis or the virus that causes AIDS.

The Oklahoma and Tulsa health departments say the patients may have been exposed to viruses at clinics operated by W. Scott Harrington. The agencies said they found “major violations” of the Oklahoma Dental Act.

Spokeswoman Kaitlin Snider of the Tulsa Health Department says Harrington voluntarily closed his practice and is cooperating with investigators.

via (Touch Me!)


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