men try to steal 10 percent of entire tortoise species. there’s a word for someone like that.

It seems to be asshole day in the news.  I like a good robbery every now and again (for this scenario, let’s pretend okay. I’m not out robbing every night, I just sometimes get a free item when I have to check myself out at the grocery store.  It’s like my own little payment for doing everything myself) but knowing you are about to wipe a large percentage of an animals population off the planet, well, again I’ll revert back to the top and say it in my best Boyd Crowder voice, “what an asshole”.  ploughshare-tortoise-photo-credit-anders-gj-rhodin1

Just a day after the close a global wildlife trade conference here, authorities at Suvarnabhumi International Airport made two big seizures, discovering hundreds of threatened tortoises and apprehending two smugglers. Among the tortoises seized were some of the rarest in the world.

On Friday, authorities arrested a 38-year-old Thai man as he was attempting to collect a bag containing tortoises from Madagascar, from a luggage carousel, at the airport. The bag was registered to a 25-year-old woman who had flown from Madagascar to Bangkok via Nairobi the same day.

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