blocked my webcam due to topless writing. no free show today hackers!



I didn’t forget you baby birds, I’ve just been repeating the same motions in writing Fiona’s Gone, the screenplay, as yesterday.  Still on my journey to the Dallas Screenwriting competition.  Still destroying my main character to his very core with problems on top of problems.  I must admit, It’s a little cathartic getting to punish a main character that has tortured me (in a creative way) for the last few months. By the sunrise of tomorrow morn, I should have Chuck thoroughly defeated and inserted back into the story to exact his own revenge at the end….or does he?

Taking up the other half of my time is me working on my stand up set for tonight.  Doing stand up has always been one of the most valuable tools I use to see how my writing and pacing are coming together. I have become aware in the last few years that while staying in my cube creating is always an awesome and insight experience, I fall in love with my rhythm sometimes a little too much and lose a little of the perspective that drunk people on Thursday nights in a dark room can bring you.  Some nights I do alright.  Some nights I completely forget everything that I’m trying to say.  But each and every time I get in front of that mic (and start sweating profusely. Please turn the lights down a little.) I find another piece of the puzzle of insight to use in my creating arsenal.


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