with the wifi not working, there is nothing else to do but write

IMAG0013 (2)

And I am still on the grind getting ready to submit my script to the Dallas Screenwriters Association.  Today’s section to create is the downfall of my main character.  If there were title pages like Tarantino likes to use, Falling Apart would be on the screen.  For me, the most fun when writing scenes is to just destroy one of the unlucky characters.  In a fifteen page block, my main character makes an ass of himself in a tv interview, gets served with divorce papers, gets robbed (but that gains him a friend so maybe it wasn’t that bad), and blackmailed by the same money people that recently got him elected (that never happens in real life says me in my sarcastic voice).  It’s just a brutal beating to the bottom.  Once he reaches the bottom of the barrel, the character finally gets a chance to redeem himself from all his bad deeds.    Can he do it?  Does he even care to redeem himself?  Is he even worth saving?  That’s what I plan on uncovering today.

Side note, I found the perfect way to not be distracted while I try to create.  Find a wifi location that has an internet connection runs like the internet did in 2001 with AOL.  Thanks to Grandy’s for forcing me to have nothing better to do than to write.  Of course, god forbid I need to do any research on specifics or how border patrol officers get promotions, for example, but I guess that can wait until later in the evening when I’m on my own internet.  For now, I’ll just get lost in the world of Fiona’s Gone.


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