new battery in airplane, the first flight is a success

I’m still anti-airplane but at least this is a little stride in the right direction.  The way that the airline industry has not changed since it’s inception is really quite sad.  The airplane of old, which are still running, destroys the environment.  Not that trash in the ocean and aerosol cans don’t do the same but the airline industry could be lived without.  Replace all planes with trains, make the trains high speed, and never have to deal with TSA again.  Of course, the train industry would figure out their own way to harass their passengers and make it as uncomfortable as possible but that will be at least a year or two away from the beginning.  At least it will give us a little break.  It’s the little things right?LOTBoeing787-660x437

Monday’s flight was a conventional “functional check flight” performed on all new aircraft prior to delivery, but there was much more than usual at stake. Boeing has for weeks scrambled to address a battery issue that has grounded all 50 Dreamliners worldwide since January, when a battery caught fire aboard a 787 at the gate in Boston. A week later, a second Dreamliner making a domestic flight in Japan made an emergency landing after the crew received messages in the cockpit indicating a battery had overheated and failed.

Boeing has joined experts from the National Transportation Safety Board and their counterparts in Japan in investigating the fires. Although they have not determined the root cause, the NTSB believes a short circuit within a single cell of the 63-pound battery sparked the fire in Boston. Boeing has responded with a plan to modify the lithium-ion batteries by adding protection between each of theindividual lithium-ion cells. The airplane manufacturer also plans to subject the batteries to more rigorous testing and install them in heavy-duty steel boxes that vent outside the aircraft. It says those measures eliminate the risk of battery fires and provide safeguards against future incidents.

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