this guy is writing a script

Among the things I do during the day besides napping, daydreaming, and this website, I write screenplays.  Most recently, I have been held up in an undisclosed location in the middle of nowhere Texas working on my latest creation.  The first 130 days have been a mash up of anger, hatred, sadness, and all kinds of lovely self loathing feelings that no one wants to see.

But as I begin the downhill part of the script, 75 pages currently and working towards 100, and my entry into the Dallas Screenwriting Association (4/20 is the deadline date in case you want to submit to), I wanted to bring some of the madness to the masses in my new section called, Seriously, I swear I’ll be done with this script any day now (or FG or short).

What will this new section bring?  Who knows.  Pieces of script.  Shots of scattered notes cards all over the floor.  A video of me reading every movie description Netflix has to offer to try and get my pitch (oh, don’t forget along with finishing the script you’ve got to have your logline and pitch ready to go) in perfect order.  All of those, maybe.  It’s been a little while since I have made it to this part of the process on a feature length script so I’m in as much anticipation as you how this is all going to shake out.

I’ve spent my time today staring at my spreadsheet counting out the length of script time each scene runs for.  This gives me a better idea of how the rhythm will appear from section to section when it plays out on the big screen (or on your tiny phone screen, it’s all the same).  Since this script takes place non-chronologically, my pace with each scene is even more vital in keeping everything making a reasonable amount of sense. There are details math equations that I use to figure all this out but some things just have to stay secret (and besides, they are really just equations that makes this madman feel better.  They probably don’t have any real basis in reality).

So, this is what I’m doing.  75 pages of script down.  25 more to go.  If you have any comments, questions, or concerns for my well being, leave a comment.  I’m always looking for a reason to get distracted.


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