the universe just got a little order and little less known to us

Only four percent of the universe is made up of normal matter.  That is to say that ninety six percent of the great wide world out there we have no clue what is going on with it.  It exists, that much we now but how or why or even in what parameters does it do what it does is still just a mystery.  The fact that we have found the universe is older than we most recently had established is just like humans, everyone lies about their age.  


The European Space Agency’s Planck mission is what’s going on. Planck has been scanning the entire sky, over and over, peering at the radio and microwaves pouring out of the Universe. Some of this light comes from stars, some from cold clumps of dust, some from exploding stars and galaxies. But a portion of it comes from farther away…muchfarther away. Billions of light years, in fact, all the way from the edge of the observable Universe.


This light was first emitted when the Universe was very young, about 380,000 years old. It was blindingly bright, but in its eons-long travel to us has dimmed and reddened. Fighting the expansion of the Universe itself, the light has had its wavelength stretched out until it gets to us in the form of microwaves. Planck gathered that light for over 15 months, using instruments far more sensitive than ever before.

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