man finally makes it out of the solar system…well not per se

It’s nice to have little reminders of how vast the universe is.  I’m an old man by advertising standards but this little spacecraft has been in outer space since before the year of my birth.  The vastness of the galaxy takes time but should continue to be a place of great human exploration.  Just because we aren’t at the “end” of the solar system at this time doesn’t mean the distance isn’t a new farthest distance reached everyday.  Pretty amazing.  And please, let’s keep exploring.  We have lots of room to advance if we want to be like my favorite cartoons and tv shows of the sixties said we should be.   

It was a threshold crossed in the deepest reaches of space: A spacecraft launched from Earth has now entered new and unexplored territory that may or may not be outside our solar system. A press release issued at 11:05 a.m. Wednesday morning by the American Geophysical Union noted that Voyager I had exited our solar system, sparking excitement in the scientific community.

But just a few hours later, the AGU stood down from its initial announcement that the 35-year-old craft had exited the solar system and instead clarified its location. The substance of the findings that precipitated the announcement remains the same, but the headline of the release has been changed, according to an e-mail the AGU sent out at 1:28 p.m.:

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