Billboard In Lima, Peru Creates Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air (VIDEO)

In a land with less than two inches of rainfall per year, the need for water is apparent.  Creating a usable billboard that creates water from humidity makes it the second most useful billboard right behind the suicide cleanup signs.  I don’t know why those always make me laugh.  Maybe the morbid nature brings the uncomfortable laughter out of me.  What I’m saying is more water billboards and less of the other kind.


A new water-creating billboard in Peru helps tackle a serious problem — as well as projects a message of hope — in an area that’s long-faced water insecurity issues.


A university and an ad agency have built the first-ever billboard to capture air humidity and turn it into potable drinking water in Lima, the second largest desert capital in the world.


The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru and an ad agency called Mayo DraftFCBand created the structure for the residents who are forced to draw polluted water from wells.

via (Touch Me!)



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