TED backs down from censorship

I hope now that everything has been straightened out, we do not look at anyone as the villian in this case.  TED felt they did a wrong thing so they corrected because the people said so and that is part of the wonderful global awakening that continues to sprout wings and grow.  This never had anything to do with what Graham Hancock’s lectures were about (I’m very biased in this because I am a devote Hancock follower so watch the videos for your own take on their message) the fight was for allowing the message to be heard, period.  Let the people take in the knowledge and use it in their own personal puzzle.  We are big girls and boys.  We can handle it.

Following popular outcry in response to TED’s censorship of recent TEDx talks by leading thinkers Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake – and against the accompanying slanders on their reputations – TED is forced to retract its position and put the talks back online in a “reserved” area of their site. By then, however, pirate copies already existed and from these, in an example of guerrilla action on the internet, hundreds of people independently uploaded the talk to their own Youtube channels.  Just one of these many Youtube channels indepently hosting the talk in defiance of TED is here.

via my favoritest site disinfo(Touch Me!)


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