the very last word on UFC 158

The new UFC was on full display Saturday night in Montreal as GSP controlled Nick Diaz for a few rounds them jabbed him in route to a 50-45 unanimous victory.  This is a technique that St Pierre has used before to win decisions over his last six opponents.  The man with the best control over the other man will always win so any smart sportsman would do what it takes to get the W.  Nick Diaz is no smart sportsmen nor should he be.  He, like me, most certainly pines for the early days of the UFC with the likes of Tank Abbott standing and banging away until one of the trees fell down.  Certainly, this type of fight still happens at the big show.  One need only look back a few weeks to the Wanderlai-Stann face-punch fest to see a shining example.  But these are not the cream of the crop.  Not men that have held onto the welterweight championship belt for the better part of five years.  That honor is left to one man and one man alone and he knows what it takes to hold onto the belt.

With the money in the sport now, a win to ensure the bank account stays filled until your next fight is more important than any ego thing that might come up in the pre fight hype.  No matter how rattled GSP looked during Diaz’s long and sometimes crazy ramblings on the conference call or the media scrum in the days before the fight, GSP game planned Diaz into defeat and all was well with both fighters after.  So is the sport of today.  A long way from Nick Diaz fighting his opponent at the hospital after the fight is over but thanks to the younger Diaz, that Stockton scrappy spirit still lives on.  So long Nick until you un-retire again.

Rapid fires: If Johnny Hendricks broke his hand in the second of his fight with Carlos Condit, someone needs to get him to the doctor stat.  Get that healing so he can’t get past up for a title shot again.  It’s been too long already…I still don’t think Nate Marquardt is complete conscious after the shots he took from Ellenberger.  Nasty knockout…Thumb control mister Miller, thumb control…The Promise Ring did a lot of dancing but not a whole lot else in his loss.  Hoping to see one of the strangest nicknames take a step up the ladder.  Guess we will just have to settle for jokes about young love and commitments.


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