wearable computers on a heads up display

Since no one wants to listen to me talk about things my little brain can’t comprehend, just go read the article.  It’s short but you will learn alot.  So as not to leave you with any thoughts this post I would like to say that while the Biebs brought back overalls, I think it is time someone brought back Z Cavaricci pants.  They were so wonderfully comfy.  Who cares how stupid they looked.

Wearing a computer instead of carrying one could eliminate all those downsides. The Google Glass prototype projects information—photos, e-mails, navigation cues—onto a screen positioned in front of one eye. The system will most likely have its own cellular radio, so it could work independently of a smartphone. Motion sensors, a video camera, and a GPS radio will allow developers to code apps that monitor a person’s behavior in real time. An HUD implementation of the Google Goggles image-recognition software, for example, could keep track of what a person eats, reads, and buys. New apps could establish an instant feedback loop— perhaps a reward for skipping the morning doughnut in favor of a banana.

via (Touch Me!)


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