robots find life on mars, fingers crossed they don’t team up against man

The life on mars story has been in our folklore since we began to dream of going to the moon.  How could it be out there in the giant galaxy of ours (not to mention the infinite number of other galaxies out there) that there has never been any life form besides the one we found here on our home rock.  More and more it seems that life does exist out there.  Maybe we haven’t found little green men or time travelers yet (more likely they find us) but it is fairly impossible to declare that we are the only life form in the galaxy now (of course, people will but is that people you want to listen to anyhow?).

It’s been a bit more than seven months since Curiosity touched down at Gale crater, an area that was identified as a potentially habitable environment based on data from satellites orbiting the planet. Almost immediately, the rover uncovered evidence that the place was an ancient riverbed, with a long and complex history of flowing water. In recent weeks, Curiosity drilled into a rock nicknamed John Klein and recovered a sample of powder representing the environment at Gale crater billions of years ago.

Using two very precise laboratory tools called Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) and Chemistry and Mineralogy (CheMin), Curiosity blasted the sample with lasers and X-rays to determine its composition. It showed that between 20 to 30 percent of the rock is made from minerals known as smectite clays that formed in the presence of water that was neutral and not too salty.

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