here’s the first electronic tattoo: let the 1984 references commence

What happens you get fat or old?  It’s one thing to have party girl stretch and fade over time but if your bar code begins to smudge or distort, will your information still be readable?  I get a brand new credit card and within a few weeks, the card reader can’t even read it.  All that being the case, at least I couldn’t lose this like I do my keys and my credit cards and most of the time my gum and socks and…

The printable sensors are an extension of the groups electronic tattoos and can measure skin hydration, temperature and electric signals from muscle and brain and activity.

Unlike the stick-on electronic tattoos that use an elastic polymer backing and can easily wash off in the shower or swimming pool, the new e-tats do away with the polymer backing and are printed directly on the skin. Doing so made the sensors 1/30th as thick as previous devices and better at conforming to the natural ridges of skin.

“What we’ve found is that you don’t even need the elastomer backing,” John Rogers told Technology Review. “You can use a rubber stamp to just deliver the ultrathin mesh electronics directly to the surface of the skin.”

via (Touch Me!)


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