cost conscious walmart shopper heads to jail after her gun doesn’t resolve situation

First off, thank you as always Florida for being the ridiculous crimes capital of the United States.  Keep up the good work.  Second up is walmart because without the greatness of the clientele that the mart attracts, many of these crazy people would have to shop elsewhere and those other places aren’t nearly as anal retentive about customers pulling out handguns to resolve a dispute.  Fight on value shopper, fight on!

There’s the kind of extreme couponing you see on that TLC show, and then there’s the kind of extreme couponing that happens in Florida Walmarts. The main difference apparently being that the latter involves handguns.

Mary Frances Alday, a 61-year-old, was arrested after she pulled out a handgun at a Crawfordville Walmart because the store refused to accept a dollar-off coupon. A sheriff’s deputy ended up having to use a Taser to subdue the woman.

via (Touch Me!)


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