just reach into your computer and grab it

I wish I could even slightly understand what is going on here.  This is a branch of technology that has only been real in movies (get it) and never believed to be in the realm of possibility.  If everyone had not left keyboard’s behind before this, they will certainly be relics of the past soon enough.  Not me, of course.  I learned to type on a typewriter so I need to feel something hitting my fingers.  Ah, the marks of getting older.


The SpaceTop 3D computer, developed by Jinha Lee, a grad student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was unveiled last week at the TED conference in California.

The system uses a transparent display equipped with two cameras — one that tracks users’ gestures and one that tracks the eyes to evaluate one’s gaze. This second camera helps adjust the perspective of the projection one sees when looking through the screen. Imagine reaching under your monitor and seeing your hand going through a list Web pages like you’d they were physical documents in a file cabinet. You would simply place your hands behind the screen to type, manipulate icons and handle documents.

via (Touch Me!)


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