Co-Main Event Podcast Episode 42

if you like your mma news with a few haha’s on the side, this is not the podcast for it…just kids…Dundas and Fowlkes are pretty spectacular together and their mma knowledge consists of all mma, not just the one under the UFC umbrella. I mean, I don’t know who cares about anything but UFC but hey, I’m sure those guys are out there. Kidding again but all the passive aggressive jokes aside, listen to the co main event podcast. I approved this message.

The Co-Main Event Podcast

New logo 42Two exciting developments for episode 42 of the Co-Main Event Podcast: 1) The debut of the show’s new logo! and 2) Listener generated music! Both are part of Ben’s and Chad’s ongoing mission to make the CME better and more listener friendly during the two zero one three. Anyhoo, aside from the new accoutrements this episode itself is as you might expect: The guys relive last week’s epic UFC 158 prefight conference call between Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre (and those other dudes who just had to stay on the line and observe the madness), talk up the two other extremely meaningful welterweight fights on this Saturday’s pay-per-view card and discuss the topsy-turvy week in the lives of Mark Hunt and Junior dos Santos.

All that, plus AYFKM, Just Sayin’ Stuff and Listener Mail.

Direct downloaders can try their luck right here and then shout “Dale!” in their best…

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