mars is alive but no green men found…yet

Understanding Mars continues to give us insides on what might become of the earth one day. Or we could just get sucked up by a black hole we create in a lab and then no one in the future would ever even know we existed. Okay, probably not but still, any chance to work in some black hole talk is a talk worth having.

Science & Space

It’s a sad thing when a planet dies young. Earth has been pulsing with life for close to 4 billion years—a thumping example of what can happen when everything goes right. Mercury and Venus were stillborn—one a dry, airless, roasted rock; the other suffocated by a dense, overheated atmosphere that ruled out life before it could even get started. And then there’s Mars—once balmy, once wet, once protected by a blanket of air. It may once too have been home to life—and it still could be, though likely in the form of underground microbes.

But even in its cold and dessicated state, Mars stirs still. Its tenuous winds blow, its ice caps expand and shrink, tracks that appear to be a result of trickling springtime water form on mountain faces. Now, it seems that Mars has had a lot more than that going on lately. According to a new study…

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