solitary confinement to 22 million dollars richer…seems worth it?

Just to be a guy out in the world when you get swept away and into solitary confinement in jail…what a horrifying thought.  Being a police officer gets harder everyday.  Most jailers make less than employees at Costco.  Still, there is a higher responsibility for taking jobs like these.  Not treating someone like a two bit Mexican border jail is one of those responsibilities (and to avoid people’s bodily fluids as much as possible).  


A former Doña Ana County jail inmate, who won a record jury award for physical and mental pain he suffered while in solitary confinement, has agreed to settle his complaint for $15.5 million.

Stephen Slevin, 59, sued the detention center in 2008 for civil rights violations, claiming he was essentially forgotten after being charged with drunk driving and receiving a stolen vehicle near Las Cruces.

The settlement agreement reached yesterday comes less than three months after Federal District Court Judge Martha Vasquez ruled the original $22 million dollar jury award was not excessive.

“It has been a long and hard fight to bring Mr. Slevin justice,” Slevin’s attorney, Matthew Coyte, said…

via (Touch Me!)


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