playing video games on a holodeck, for reals

The future of technology might well end up surpassing the Jetson’s some day soon.  3d printing has taken the world by storm and will continue to evolve, growing cheaper and cheaper until every household owns one.  We can manufacture of own guns, gummy bears, and action figures.  That’s a future I want to stay around for. 

What would it be like to step in an ordinary room and feel a gentle, computer-generated jungle breeze, with trees swaying nearby that you could touch?


AMD, a micro processor manufacturer, is trying to figure that out. The company has been doing a conference circuit in recent weeks promoting its research in heterogeneous system architecture, which is essentially a method to bind parallel computing processes together for greater efficiency.


The “holy grail” of these efforts, according to AMD’s Phil Rogers, would be building something like the holodeck — the computer deck on Star Trek (notably in The Next Generation) where characters would play immersive games. They could dial up a mystery novel, for example, then find themselves in a seedy bar with virtual-yet-real-looking holograms in 1940s-style clothing.

via (Touch Me!)



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