Soccer Ball Powers Lights Through Play : Discovery News


No matter how much Americans still try and pretend, soccer is still the number one sport in the world. Integrating technology into the one element of soccer you have to have to play is genius.  Giving countries not on a giant power grid the access to even some free electricity must be near a god send. I would imagine they will not sell these here since that free word is involved.


Kicking around a soccer ball is a fun thing to do, and now the pick-up game at the local field can also power your reading lamp.

The Soccket is a soccer ball, but it has a set of pendulums inside that swing around as you kick the ball or bounce it. The motion inside generates power, and the electricity is stored in a battery. On one side is a small seal that opens and reveals a power socket for a small LED lamp. Plug it in, and it can shine or about three hours if the ball bounces and rolls for about thirty minutes, longer if one plays with it more.

The Soccket was invented by Jessica O. Matthews, Julia Silverman, Jessica Lin and Hemali Thakkar while they were students at Harvard University. After they graduated, Matthews and Silverman started a company called Uncharted Play to distribute it.

via (Touch Me!)


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